Who We Are

Roland L. Sullivan
One of the original 100 Change Agents in the world. He  is internationally renowned  thought leader in organization development and change. He has led transformation and change journeys in over a thousand organizations in every major industry in 44 countries. Their size ranges from a one-person corporation of a twice-winning Emmy awarded artist to a 750,000- employee corporation. In these transformation efforts, he applied Whole System Transformation, a modality that he coined and perfected over 50 years of practice. He has taught OD globally in 22 universities including the most recognized organization development and change program in the world - Pepperdine University in Los Angeles California.
Sullivan is considered as one of the pioneers in the redefining and expansion of  Organization Development. He learned directly from the founders and has been active in his profession starting in 1962.
His significant publishing comprises hundreds of articles, chapters, and over 25 books, including his widely acclaimed book, Practicing Organization Development, now in its 20th year and fourth edition. As stated on the cover of the book, Practicing Organization Development builds on its reputation as the most practical, comprehensive, useful, and clearly written handbook on the topic of organization development. It is dubbed as the “bible” of OD.
Few have been producing extraordinary breakthrough results. Sullivan is known for "actually" transforming whole systems in a large group, engaging events as he trains internal change agents to lead sustainable and agile organizations.
He received numerous international awards, especially for achieving transformative results, leading participative research on competencies for change agents and large group summits in the context of enterprise-wide change. Examples:
  • Change Consultant of the World – by the OD Institute for his leading the competency research for the OD profession
  • His work at the largest financial institution in Africa, Amalgamated Banks of South Africa, now part of Barclay received runner up to the Best Change Case in the world
  • The Best Practice Institute (BPI) recognized one of his cases as the best strategic transformation effort globally. Six million USD was invested only to return 96 million USD. The journey now is in its 8th year.
He has a degree in Philosophy and Education while his two Master’s in Organization Development are from his graduate work at Loyola of Chicago and Pepperdine University. He also has a year of graduate work in theology as well as Social Psychology.  His two Ph.D. programs were with founders of OD in Dr. Jack Gibb and Dr. Ron Lippitt. All course work and internships have been completed except the dissertation.
His life's professional purpose is: “To bring alive the Whole System Transformation legacy launched by his mentors: Lippitt and Dannemiller.  Lippitt wrote the 1st book on the Dynamics of Change in 1958. Dannemiller’s “Whole Scale Change” methodology evolved Lippitt’s work at Ford as she pioneered multi-day engagement groups of 300 to 2000.
  1. Ghana - Africa
    Ghana - Africa
  2. Indonesia
  3. Thailand

70% of Change Efforts FAIL.

99% of Whole System Transformation efforts SUCCEED.

Our Associates

  1. Mary Jane Balasi-Sullivan
    Principal Partner - STA
  2. Arielle T. Sullivan
    Lead Consultant - STA
  3. Geoff North
    Lead Consultant, North-Sullivan Associates UK
  4. Moubarack Lo
    Chief Economist of the Prime Minister - Senegal
  5. Samuel Mathey, Ph.D.
    International Consultant based in Ivory Coast
  6. Nancy Zentis, Ph.D.
    CEO and Founder, Institute of Organization Development
  7. Imon Ghosh
    CEO and Founder, Digital Assets Enterprise
  8. Charles Azane Essien, PGD
    CEO, Biotherapeutic, Ghana
  9. Peter Koestenbaum, Ph.D.
    Founder and Chairman, PiB
  10. Lee Lu, Ph.D.
    Director of OD - China Extension Program
  11. Enrique Abadesco, Jr. MBA
    Pioneer OD Practitioner, Philippines
  12. William Rothwell
    President - Rothwell & Associates
  13. Mahmoud Alaish, Ph.D.
    Scholar-Practitioner, Saudi OD
  14. Santosh Jois
    Founder, TransformAction
  15. Divya Thampi
    Emotional Intelligence Trainer I Coach I Counsellor
  16. Louis Carter
    Co-Chairman and CEO, Best Practice Institute
  17. Roby Tjiptadjaya
    CEO and Founder, Global Leadership Center
  18. Irham Dilmy, MBA
    Vice Chairman & Commissioner, Indonesian Civil Service Commission
  19. Gabriel Gbiel Benarkuu, Ph.D
    CEO, MIHOSO International Foundation
  20. Mubeena Mohd, MA
    Founder and CEO, Scholar Consultants
  21. Jayaram Shetty
    Managing Director at VCG Consulting Group
  22. Ron Koller, Ph.D.
    Organization Change Specialist
  23. Kenneth Jones, Ph.D.
    Principal, KJA
  24. Galina Melnikova
    Owner & Managing Partner, HR Partners, Ltd. and the Open Door Club International