One of the Original 100 Change Agents in the World

"Those that can change themselves and can lead change and transformation will be rewarded beyond imagination."

Our unique strength
​​ We provide comprehensive facilitation of the internal change agent being and becoming transformed. We transfer the Whole System Transformation (WST) competencies in the context ​
of transforming an entire system to sustain a positive
change journey of increasing excellence. 
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Transformation leads to breakthrough performance that sticks and becomes an integral part of an organization's essence. The term "transformation" is widely used these days but very few have the competence to produce positive sustainable change in wholistic large scale efforts.  We do!

WST  modality shifts the current system to bring about "WOW" or quantum leap excellence. Sullivan Transformation Agents are here to help  your organization become agile and future-ready. We share and transfer our successful methods so that the stakeholders on the inside can sustain the transformation after we leave.

Today, more than ever before, organizations understand the urgent need of responding to the rapid changing global environment. We believe that the day of planned change is over. Whole System Transformation realizes the need for change, and enables instant reinvention of the organization itself. In other words, WST is a real-time strategic change modality. It transforms organizations in a unique way with its focus on positive enterprise-wide change. 

The benefit of working with us is to end up with a system whereby individuals, teams, organizations or country-wide efforts result to lasting change. 

  1. The benefit is multi- dimensional; an engaged executive leadership team that is aligned one brain, one heart with the organization’s vision, mission, strategy, and culture. Only after the leadership is united can the process move into transforming a critical mass of the organization.
    PHASE I Leadership Transformation
  2. The design and execution of powerful large-group interactive events engage 300 to 1,500 participants within the system to drive a significant shift in the organization. We facilitate the whole system to sense the common ground and initial direction for creating immediate positive change. The immediate clear focus for change in the moment unites all with a new sense of urgency and priority. This happens via Large Group Interactive Summits.
    PHASE 2 Critical Mass Transformation
  3. A unique capability of ours is to set up the leadership and the entire organization to sustain the change process for years to come. After our initial breakthrough work, performance continues to be extraordinary without dependence on externals.
    PHASE 3 Transformation Journey Sustainment
  4. Sullivan has led the global research for more than 40 years on developing change agent competencies. We specialize in transfusing to an internal person the ability to facilitate the long-term journey of positive change and organization agility. As far as we know, we alone focus extraordinary attention of the development, role, competence, and political structure of internal change agent.
    PHASE 4 Internal Change Agent Transformation
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Sharing Our Videos
videos allow us to show up as we are
These videos give us an opportunity to convey our latest learnings. We are learning to change faster than ever before. Use these messages as clue to stimulate your own growth towards excellence.